Tuesday, July 27, 2010

D.I.Y Headbands for CLEARANCE.

I want to do some CLEARANCE of my D.I.Y Headbands. All of headbands above are just  RM20 each.  If you girls are interested to buy it,just comment me here or follow me @ twitter.com/DianaAzmi . Just limited for 1 design for each. Because all of them are self-making by me. 


Wigs and Hair Accessories @ HeadcoverZshop.com

This post is good for those who are love wearing a wig and ponytail. I want to share some pictures of my friend and I are wearing some wigs and ponytails. It is my first time to try wearing wigs and ponytails. Besides,to wear them are not so difficult as I thought before. In a process to wear a wig just take in less 5 minutes only.First thing you need to do is wearing a net on top you hair then follow with a wig. After that,comb it until you got the nice look that you want it.  Done. Easy,right?

Talk about wig,the shop that I drop by to try some of the wigs and ponytails is Headcoverzshop 
which in Jalan Telawi 2,Bangsar. For my international followers,you just can shop online in this shop. About the prices,the long wig is just RM 189 and for the short wig is RM 159. For those who like a bohemian hairband and ponytail,you just can get around RM 29.9O to RM 59.90 depend on the size and how long it is. 

NOT  FORGETTING, Headcoverzshop is also providing a male wig for a man. Please do check it out Headcoverzshop.



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