Thursday, December 31, 2009

WELCOME 2010!!

I wanted to take a quick chance to wish all of you guys a wonderful happy new year.Hope 2010 will brings the goods for you all and so do I. Well,for this new year I planed to celebrate it with simply at home with my family.Since my boyfriend is leaving to Makkah tomorrow morning with his parent,so there is nothing makes me happy this new year eve. I know he just leaves me like around 2 weeks,BUT  I feel very lonely without him around me. =( We're never been separated for the long time,so I am a little bit emotional right now for wish goodbye to him.It makes me wanna to cry.(I am very easily crying-just a cry baby).

Changing the subject, I know some of you for sure already set a plan for the new year resolutions,isn't it? Tell me what is your resolutions......If you guys asking me about my new year resolutions- I just inspired want to change my style with wearing more cheerful colour besides my basic colour like black,white and grey. Ohh yea 1 thing I forgot to say,I really want to make money for 2010-starting a little small clothing business and wedding PERHAPS!.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's start wearing colour for 2010!

Hey beloved readers,

Did you guys feel bored with your old style?? Any transformation that you guys wanna  do in your style for 2010?For me, I decide to make transformation a little bit into my daily style which I'm gonna start wearing colour as much as I can. This is my wish for 2010 besides than getting a job in fashion magazine.So you guys will get often see me wearing colour for 2010.  Am i gonna stop wearing black and white???No, I will keep wear black and white BUT not as often as always like24/7,okay! I just want to slow it down a little bit and I thought why shouldn't I try a something new in my style which I get colour is FUN and COLOURFUL .

Well,my boyfriend is my number one criticizer which he hates me wearing black so much. He said sometimes I looked like a dead person or mourning person in black. So what? I really really do love wearing black so much. But I take what my boyfriend's critic about my style as my challenge. So let's do colour in your style,guys! =)...

I hope everyone is enjoying their new year eve.I have no plan at all about celebrating new year since my boyfriend is leaving to Makkah for umrah with his parent during on 31st dec. Here am I alone at home besides wasted time to watch MTV and get myself online in facebook,twitter,and blogging. What's a boring life that I had.=(...WELCOME,2010!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

DIY studs on my jeans!

I bought 3 packs of DIY studs with different shape,size and color from online.As my friends know that I am the studs lover.Well,seem the stud thingy is in HOT trend now,I tried to search where can I get the studs with cheap price.Finally I got it. There is a website that sell DIY studs with the price is below rm15 for 100 pieces of them...absolutely affordable for me as a designer. I started use studs on my previous collection-GLAM ROCK. Then once it come out in magazine and to public,on the spot it turn to be as a follow trend nowadays for the clothing store and young teenagers. =). If you guys wanna know in detail which website that I bought the studs was,click HERE!

They're also in FACEBOOK,add them in HERE.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's talk about shopping!

Everyone is talking about AVATAR,so I don't missed time going to watch it yesterday with my boyfriend.The movie was AWESOME. I love it and you guys should go to watch it.There is a message about this movie which we as a human being should take care of our environment and nature.Don't be selfish because of getting rich but respect the NATURE.Let's be the nature breath for our world. =)

Oh let's stop talking about the movie.Let's start talk about shopping right now. I know every stores/boutiques /shopping malls are crazy to put SALE on their stores. Christmas and New Year just around in the corner. For those the shopaholics like me, this time are perfect for us to grab some new clothes for the new year eve.

For me,nothing much that I wish to get EXCEPT the new black cardigan from Forever 21 or Pull and Bear.I start saving some money to buy it soon.Duhh.Well,I just can't help about it even my boyfriend keep told me that I don't need to keep buying clothes often because I only wore it once.My closet also is getting full and uncontrolled because there is a lot of clothes inside.I even don't know where should I put another clothes that I buy it then soon. Seem I have to get another a new closet for me.

For me shopping is fun and could be a BFF to any girls..=)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Headbands by Diana Azmi

I love accessories include headbands,I got some with  different type of designs,color,and size..just list it down,any shape that I had. I am just accessory collector..LOL...hahaha.  Can't help about it. Well,seem today was such a boring day for me,I spent my time made headband so that I  can sell them to everyone who interested. But the price I still not confirm it yet,well update it soon,okay guys? Be patient,I still have another 2 in proses.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

YODA Fashion Show (PART 2)


        Every single's woman success there is a man behind. =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Balmain gets inspired by Michael Jackson

This Is It was inspired me with Michael's style of his jacket collections. The one that I loved  so so much is the military jacket which had a  lot of many lines of rope(not so sure about the material they used it) at front..example could refer to the both this pictures on above. I got them from Balmain Spring 2009. The collections of Spring 2009 are AWESOME!. I love them so much. At the same time, I start to love Balmain as my favorite designer. =)..I should get one jacket same like this picture for myself as my new year present. X-MAS is just a corner,so definitely a lot of SALE! SALE! SALE!...Don't miss it,guys!

For those who celebrate Christmas,I would like to wish you guys, MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!..Tell me what is your wish by the way..=)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glam ROCK in the YODA fashion show! (PART 1)

3 weeks I was busy preparing myself to YODA fashion show till the day I  was walking on runway with my model. It was a nice feeling with joy,tear,and fabulous mood at once. Especially walked in runway with killing heel.OMG, it was totally feel damn hurt both of my feet. BEAUTY IS PAIN. =). But the moment I saw my models on runway wearing my collection and plus with many media press and photographers at front row of runway stage,I was touched and happy. All my energy,my brains and my soul during sewing this collection till late night were worth it at last.Thank for those people that came to see my fashion show. No forgetting my bf that actually last minute helping me out to be my assistant at backstage,I love you,baby..he helped me out to watch and packing my stuffs while I was busy handling models,garments,and media for interviewing me on that's super tiring day but I feel the happiness and joy after the show.Thank you.
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