Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's start wearing colour for 2010!

Hey beloved readers,

Did you guys feel bored with your old style?? Any transformation that you guys wanna  do in your style for 2010?For me, I decide to make transformation a little bit into my daily style which I'm gonna start wearing colour as much as I can. This is my wish for 2010 besides than getting a job in fashion magazine.So you guys will get often see me wearing colour for 2010.  Am i gonna stop wearing black and white???No, I will keep wear black and white BUT not as often as always like24/7,okay! I just want to slow it down a little bit and I thought why shouldn't I try a something new in my style which I get colour is FUN and COLOURFUL .

Well,my boyfriend is my number one criticizer which he hates me wearing black so much. He said sometimes I looked like a dead person or mourning person in black. So what? I really really do love wearing black so much. But I take what my boyfriend's critic about my style as my challenge. So let's do colour in your style,guys! =)...

I hope everyone is enjoying their new year eve.I have no plan at all about celebrating new year since my boyfriend is leaving to Makkah for umrah with his parent during on 31st dec. Here am I alone at home besides wasted time to watch MTV and get myself online in facebook,twitter,and blogging. What's a boring life that I had.=(...WELCOME,2010!!!


thesaintprostitute said...

ahaaa, thats rite, animal print pun same jugak, leopard-zebra pattern cam popular je for this year

ahaaa, i try to kurangkan wearing black shirt for this year

Diana Azmi said...

same with me,less BLACK this year but more to pop of colours..=)

animal prints pun tgh in skrg nie..=)

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