Saturday, November 26, 2011

M-IFW 2011 (PART 2)

 Hi guys!! As I promised before, to continue for M-IFW 2011 Part 2, here they are. Unfortunately I got only a few pictures of me and my colleagues ,sorry guys I didn't have so many times to snap all the picture . Time is so limited!!.

Anyway I hope this little pictures can inspired you too. I wore very simple and chic outfit to the show that day as I just arrived from the office. ;) What do you think of my outfit?


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

M-IFW 2011 (PART 1)

Anyone is going to M-IFW 2011 (Malaysia International Fashion Week) this week ahead? I went there yesterday for the BDA Hi-Tea Fashion Show and also the night show for the GALA BDA ones.

The fashion show was awesome but I'm still expecting something more and unique . Not only something stereotype like beading embellishment all the way, mermaid shape as always or same pattern designs like flare and empire cut. I think our local designers will have a lot of talents and ideas to develop their creativity. I hope to see more their creativity on the next year M-IFW. *I wish*

Anyway, I just give some thoughts about the yesterday show and overall you guys did a good job. :) Peace!!

p/s: Stay tuned for another part 2. Will upload more about myself pics and my colleague during the show :)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Rock n Roll Orgasm!!

Looking at the female vocalist of the rock band is always inspired me to be one of them.Seriously I so much in love with rock music or punk or indie or whatever it is (still in rock genre). If you can see at the above pictures , they're my inspirations.

Are you one of punk/rocker fans?


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