Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Headband Photoshoot

Here are the model on that day. Thanks you all.
The founder of Women of Malaysia
Beautiful Wynn. =)
Nadyra is helping me out to take some pictures =) Big thank you to her. Xx.

This post actually supposed to post on last Saturday but I had a very hectic life and tight schedule even at this moment. So I'm delaying to post it. Anyway last Saturday I had the photo session with Women of Malaysia's team to feature my headband for their 1st online magazine which is going to launch on May.

So I'll keep you update about this in time by time.Just be alert about it. For that day I wore Converse which is given by my friend. Yes it's my first time wearing sneaker/Converse. Still get to used it. Because usually I'm more to wear sandals and flats for outing. It's more relax and comfy. But with wearing Converse, I am feeling I'm the super cool or grunge person ever..LOL.

Anyway, do check it out the Women of Malaysia. !! Bisoux.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Florence and Fred

Wore my vintage cardigan that I bought it with only 20 buck. It's a good bargain. Finally me in color. LOL.
Sex Pistol's badge on my bag.
Slide show of the F&F concept store,fashion show video and introduction.
With Mr.Hem Patel, the commercial  director of F&F.
The details of my cardigan.
Some refreshment before the F&F session start
Food for lunch with F&F team =)
Available exclusively at TESCO. 
The slide show of the F&F fashion show in Europe.
Here is it!! My style challenge. The style is based on what I like and my own style. I called it the urban chic.
The winner of the F&F style challenge 

Last Friday, I was invited to F&F(Florence and Fred) session at Stylo Academy, Bangsar. Well, to let you know a few words about F&F which this brand is from UK and established in the 2001. F&F is today one of UK's top fashion labels with more 1 in 4 women wearing something F&F.

F&F also has expanded its presence into the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovak Republic, South Korea, China and Thailand. Malaysia is the 4th  F&F Asia branches. You can have the F&F items exclusively at TESCO with affordable price. It's like H&M version, cheap,fashionable ,trendy , comfy and the quality is the best one!!. What's you waiting for? Let's shopping at TESCO!!.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We @ Shoe International PC + STYLO (PART 2)

candid shoot by Ami
Ami from Sputnik Sweetheart. I suggested her about this brooch, it's beautiful, rite? 
Me and YODA's founder, Baizura.
Fashion Tv's bag. 
me with Malaysia Men's Wear designer, Bon Zainal. *happy smile*
Went & had lunch at Ikea after finished the press conference. 

Here is the part 2 of We @ Shoe International PC + STYLO. More pictures of Ami and I were together including during our lunch at Ikea after done the press conference at Seri Pacific Hotel last Monday. We had so much fun on that day. <3


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Saturday

Meeting with Women of Malaysia and Kawaii-fullhouse's founder
 Having some delicious cupcakes at The Garden (sorry, I forgot the shop name)
Snap myself in the toilet..LOL.
My Polariod picture. Wore my own handmade headband. Do you like it?
My bff, Syahreen and I. *webcaming*

Anyway I have been thinking to upload these picture in a week early but there were many things going through lately.With my camera had a problem and doesn't work sometimes, working time, blogging event, and  working on my headband business. So I hold it for awhile till I have time to upload them as today. I can declare myself is a very busy woman. I just work for earning some money for myself without depending everything on my parents. Well, I'm a very independent and working hard girl that you ever known. =)


Friday, March 18, 2011

Women of Malaysia

Amber Chia for Women Of Malaysia.
Adorable models wear my headband. *barbie theme*
Adorable models for my headband. *barbie theme*
Interview session by Shafiqah (founder WOM)
Sneak peek for my headband.
Strong teams of Women of Malaysia Organization

These are the pictures of photoshoot for Women of Malaysia Organization today. Unfortunately I can't make it for this shoot today, I have something to do. So I asked them to upload some pictures from the sneak peak photoshoot in this morning.

Women of Malaysia will launch their upcoming women's online photo magazine portraying the beautiful lives of all the powerful women in Malaysia without having any discrimination towards any races, religion, and ethnics of all ages in this well celebrates multicultural countries. 

First of all, big thank to my friend who introduces me to Women of Malaysia. I am happy enough to be features in their project. Perhaps in any charity events coming soon. I'll join for another photoshoot with them next week in outdoor shoot. So I'll update you in pretty soon about this. Also the editorial pictures of today's photoshoot as I get the picture from Women of Malaysia.

p/s: Do like them on Facebook by simply searching for Women of Malaysia.

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