Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Headband Photoshoot

Here are the model on that day. Thanks you all.
The founder of Women of Malaysia
Beautiful Wynn. =)
Nadyra is helping me out to take some pictures =) Big thank you to her. Xx.

This post actually supposed to post on last Saturday but I had a very hectic life and tight schedule even at this moment. So I'm delaying to post it. Anyway last Saturday I had the photo session with Women of Malaysia's team to feature my headband for their 1st online magazine which is going to launch on May.

So I'll keep you update about this in time by time.Just be alert about it. For that day I wore Converse which is given by my friend. Yes it's my first time wearing sneaker/Converse. Still get to used it. Because usually I'm more to wear sandals and flats for outing. It's more relax and comfy. But with wearing Converse, I am feeling I'm the super cool or grunge person ever..LOL.

Anyway, do check it out the Women of Malaysia. !! Bisoux.


WENDY said...

Hi Diana,

What an awesome blog you have :)
I'm Wendy, from LUCT, Rico's senior and I got to know from your Facebook that you were my junior back then and that you have a blog too! :D
Am so very proud of you here, and that beautiful collection of headbands, congratulations on the multiple features on them as well! Just dropping by to say that I enjoyed reading your blog :)
All the best.


La Petite Cherie said...

Everyone looks gorgeous!! Congrats on the collection babe!!

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