Monday, January 20, 2014


I know some of you have question me , what I am doing for living? Right? Well, I am not a full-time blogger that income based on what ads I have post on my blog, seriously I don't have any cents that count in my account based what I blog. Maybe just some giveaways that I got from this blog thingy (if they're willing to invite me to some events or sponsor me ;) )

Anyway, I am full-time fashion stylist at TV station. My job is really stressful sometimes plus working on shift (crazy hour even you have to work if you're on call) . I've been working as a stylist around 3 years and half. I really love doing styling ! My job scope is mostly to groom personality or tv presenter that represent the programme.

Besides, I have to style myself based what position I am in now. Seriously if I have free time, I will asked my colleague to shoot me for a few picture of my outfit. I always get inspired to do this and it builds my confident level.


Friday, January 10, 2014


Love this woman so much! I hope you guys enjoy the song and the video. .

Happy Friday !


Monday, January 6, 2014


Last week I went for the measurement and fitting session of Triumph Shape Sensation. But today my entry is about after I wore this shape sensation bodysuit. In these pics, I'm wearing the bodydress ( the model is wearing the navy blue at 2nd picture above).

After wearing this bodydress and girdle, my waist and thighs lost about 2 inchs. Amazing,right? Even I am petite by nature, actually I have a certain areas of my body that are flabby  (especially tummy , thighs and hips). That is why, I avoid to wear a tight outfit. Because it's obviously can see my distended tummy.

So with Triumph Shape Sensation , I have my secret weapon behind a fabulous outfit. In this collection, they are focus with their ultimate lace shaper. Means, the stretchable lace offers high-function curve control , yet is soft and comfy. The designs are very seductive and modern.

My experience so far, I have been wearing this girdle over 8 hours a day (mostly during working hours). To have a quick result, you can wear this within 1 month to see the result. At the same time, control your diet and nutrition plus more exercise. There is no short cut to looking fabulous and slim, but with TRIUMPH SHAPE SENSATION is extra weapon to you to have more confident and fabulous curve on your body. :)

Anyway special thanks to TRIUMPH INTERNTIONAL MALAYSIA for this experience and opportunity.


Feeling 1920 - 1940's style

Some outfit of the day (ootd) pictures that I took last weekend during my working day. Since working on Sunday was quite relaxing, so I decided to wear this vintage white blouse that I bought just about 5 bucks. It's so treasure hunt! . I love the detail on top the blouse , you can see a bit embroidery on there and also the sleeve is so 1920-194040's style. Vintage is so me!

Obviously , I'm very obsessed with something vintage. So , I don't bother to buy the clothes that it's a pre-loved or bundle , at least it's look nice and in a good condition for sure. What you have to do is just using your own fashion sense to mix and match them.

Oh ya, this dark purple / pinkish oversize YSL inspired clutch is from my friend online shop - DOLLIES SHOP . You can follow them on instagram. Click the DOLLIES SHOP !



                               Let's have a "selfie" snap before the measurement & fitting

                  During the measurement before proceed which bodysuit that I need to have.

                                             Thank You Triumph Malaysia for giveaways.

                                                  With Elaine, PR of Triumph Malaysia.

Last week I was invited to have an experience with TRIUMPH SHAPE SENSATION - My Ultimate Lace Shaper (bodysuit). Anyway it was my very first time as I have never worn a girdle or corset so far. So I took this challenge, firstly I went to have the measurement and fitting session at Triumph Counter in Pavilion.

After we  were done the measurement and fitting, it was time for me to choose the different styles from the Shape Sensation collection that I liked . For this collection there are 3 color which are navy blue , nude and purple in different designs and pieces. I choose the navy blue color  as my favorite color ! I was recommend the Shaping bra , body dress to enhance my curves and the girdle high waist pants for a sleek and slimmer look. The collection , focuses on enhancing that desirable perfect silhouette, control and supports all concerned areas for that perfect look and giving you more self-confidence.

Even though I'm a petite by nature,  I still have a certain areas of my body that I feel insecure especially my tummy, thighs and hips. Now! with Triumph's new Shape Sensation collection I don't have to feel insecure or worried about my concerned areas. I'm sure it will give me the curves I want. At least the flabby fat will get hidden under this bodysuit. AMAZING!



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