Monday, January 20, 2014


I know some of you have question me , what I am doing for living? Right? Well, I am not a full-time blogger that income based on what ads I have post on my blog, seriously I don't have any cents that count in my account based what I blog. Maybe just some giveaways that I got from this blog thingy (if they're willing to invite me to some events or sponsor me ;) )

Anyway, I am full-time fashion stylist at TV station. My job is really stressful sometimes plus working on shift (crazy hour even you have to work if you're on call) . I've been working as a stylist around 3 years and half. I really love doing styling ! My job scope is mostly to groom personality or tv presenter that represent the programme.

Besides, I have to style myself based what position I am in now. Seriously if I have free time, I will asked my colleague to shoot me for a few picture of my outfit. I always get inspired to do this and it builds my confident level.


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