Friday, January 29, 2010

When suddenly I feel wanna to wear a VEST!!

Vest will looks fashionable when you wear with the plain t-shirt or something stripe/graphic t-shirt.But it depends on what kind of vest that you wear.Vest can get in with different of materials,shapes,styles,and cutting.It up to you how to bring it out with your own personality style.For the edgy style,try to accessorize with chunky bangles and rings.It nice when the vest has studded on the collar side or pocket and metal gold zipper.Not forgetting try it on with the skinny pants/jeans.Definitely,never failed your look. =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The challenging as unknown designer!!!

Well,it is not easy become as a fashion designer especially when you are an unknown fashion designer. People might be asking "who's is she/he?""Is she/he a fashion designer".Those kinda questions will always be on people minds for sure. I am the one of those unknown designer that really hard to get publicity. So people doesn't know that I was existed in this line. But it never bother me at all because I never care about the publicity and get fame. I know what I am doing and mostly there are bunch of my friends already knew on my talent/abilities of making amazing collection.=).

The thing that bother me now is when I was get chosen  in top 10 Berita Harian Women Designer which I need to find a celebrity to wear my own collection during the Anugerah Bintang Popular(it's kinda like of award for celebrities) on April .I was given some of the celebrities number so that easy for me to contact them for offering a sponsorship of outfits during the award time begin soon.But the thing didn't seem happened as well as I thought. Some of them didn't gave me a feedback yet and another some rejected me so I wonder maybe I am the designer without  name. So they didn't seem interested to co-operate with me. Come on,give me a chance to prove it that I actually can be a good designer.

I agree the male designers in Malaysia nowadays are more exposed and successful than the women designers.That is why Berita Harian made effort to introduce women designer for this year.At least women designers have given  the opportunity to show their talents and abilities in fashion industry.Never left behind.Thanks guys who always give me a support !! I love you,guys!


Monday, January 18, 2010

80's is BACK!

Did u miss Madonna,Cyndi Lauper,Nena,Duran Duran,Wham,Prince,The police,Culture Club on 80's fashion era?Even though I was born on late 80's,it does not mean that I am not really know anything about 80's fashion styles.Talk about 80's style-puff sleeve,splatter prints,shocking neon,aggressive shoulder pads,heavy colouful/glitter make up,wavy hair,side ponytails and leather jacket are synonym with that era.

All of them have found their way back onto today's catwalk.Jason Wu,Charlotte Ronson,Betsey Johnson,LAMB by Gwen Stefani,Jill Stuart and Alexandre Herchcovitch are those designers which tried to bring back the glamorous 80's fashion era with modern look and new wave style into their own collections.Please try to search them if you guys do not know any of them.!What can I say here,it's totally inspired me for my new collection.=)



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Create your creativity in your style!


Are you boring with your style? Try to put some efforts to create your own style.Actually it just a plain and simple cardigan that I purchased  last 3 weeks at My Bajoo but I tried to rock it on with added some silver studs on the epaulet and side pocket.It looks so cool,isn't it?

Monday, January 11, 2010

GAGA vs RIHANNA-which one you choose,guys?









The latest single of Rihanna is so Amazing,I heard it over and over till I can memorize a little bit of the lyric lol...haha.Just now,I watched the video clip that totally AWESOME. Well done to the video maker for the awesome video clip that you created. You guys should go to watch it NOW!! Click HERE for watch HARD by Rihanna.

I found lately Rihanna tried to adapt a little bit of Lady Gaga's style,if you don't believe me,try to search her current style which she loves to wear weird and extreme style outfits same like Lady Gaga wore .As we knew,she just gets strength for against her physical abuse from Chris Brown who was her ex bf. From Russian Roulette till Hard,we know -RIHANNA IS BACK!!..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Camelia Khalid-Malaysia Fashionista!

She is a Malaysian singer who very successful as a fashion icon in an international market. You can see her always in first row of the international designers fashion show-like Fendi,Chanel,Dior,and wore the designer clothes. What is the nice feeling being as her.?Obviously ,everything she put it on to her,always looks good at her. Besides,she had natural beauty face. =)

Her career as singer is quite unsuccessful in Malaysia because people always labels her as a style icon.Meanwhile she always appears as an icon ofthe  international brand even though in magazine or commercial advertisement on tv. I still remembered at the first time she appeared as L'oreal cover girl on tv.

I just recently search her page on Facebook, so I took it some of her pictures for you guys take a look.She is damn beautiful Malaysian women that I adored of.=)Really loves her style and her fashion sense.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I need a JOB,please!!!

Being jobless totally drives  me crazy, otherwise I am still depending on my parents especially when it comes to my monthly pocket money. My dad knew that I'm still looking a job that I want so bad.But it didn't means that I easily can enjoy with my monthly pocket money,it has a limit on use it. That is why I decide want to find a job so I can support my own life very well. There are a lot of things on my minds that I really want to buy and achieve before i am turning to 25.

For this year, I turn to be 22 on february 11. So I just have another 3 years to go to achieve my goals in my life. In additional, get a job for nowadays is really tough.There are so many brilliant,wise,and high profile peoples that I need to compete. I just send my resume to some fashion magazine companies in Malaysia last couple of a few days. What should I do now is sitting back to wait their calls and feedback.Wait ,wait and wait. So wasting time. =(

I requested to work as a fashion stylist.That is my passionate besides designing and make clothes. I want to gain my experience in working with fashion magazine at the same time I can learn the new things in my life and be a better person. =)

Hope 2010 brings me a lot of luck and so do you guys too. What is your resolution for 2010? Tell me,sharing is caring,don't you guys remember that?..hehehe


Friday, January 1, 2010

We love Kate Lanphear's style!!


 For those all of you didn't know who is KATE LANPHEAR? She is a fashion and style editor for US ELLE magazine who getting attention of her chic style.You will see Lanphear in jeans,blazer,t-shirt and cashmere with some chunky accessories always looking chic and edgy. She is never failed manages to take grey and black,and combine them,twist them and surprise you with a few basic ingredients.

She believes that a minimalist closet can take you very far. I admits it ,for me less is more.That is my rule in dressing up.You just knows what the best fits you better.While dressing up,accessorize your accessories is important thing to make what you are wearing look stunning!. This is my key of my style. I just need my accessories. It's never turn me down. I wish you all good luck trying a brand new style of your 2010 fashion style.We are just need a change!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my beloved reader!!!

with love,


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