Monday, January 25, 2010

The challenging as unknown designer!!!

Well,it is not easy become as a fashion designer especially when you are an unknown fashion designer. People might be asking "who's is she/he?""Is she/he a fashion designer".Those kinda questions will always be on people minds for sure. I am the one of those unknown designer that really hard to get publicity. So people doesn't know that I was existed in this line. But it never bother me at all because I never care about the publicity and get fame. I know what I am doing and mostly there are bunch of my friends already knew on my talent/abilities of making amazing collection.=).

The thing that bother me now is when I was get chosen  in top 10 Berita Harian Women Designer which I need to find a celebrity to wear my own collection during the Anugerah Bintang Popular(it's kinda like of award for celebrities) on April .I was given some of the celebrities number so that easy for me to contact them for offering a sponsorship of outfits during the award time begin soon.But the thing didn't seem happened as well as I thought. Some of them didn't gave me a feedback yet and another some rejected me so I wonder maybe I am the designer without  name. So they didn't seem interested to co-operate with me. Come on,give me a chance to prove it that I actually can be a good designer.

I agree the male designers in Malaysia nowadays are more exposed and successful than the women designers.That is why Berita Harian made effort to introduce women designer for this year.At least women designers have given  the opportunity to show their talents and abilities in fashion industry.Never left behind.Thanks guys who always give me a support !! I love you,guys!


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