Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you guys happy Halloween.I hope you all would enjoy the best Halloween ever with the great costume.What character do you guys choose? Is it vampire or witch or flirty nurse or the mask ?Whatever the character is...just enjoy and have fun!

I am not going to celebrate Halloween this year because i feel not going besides it's hard to get me out of here. Living with conservative parents make me hard to sneak out from house at midnight for going to party or club!..What so ever!

Tell me how's your Halloween night..=)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Archangel Style

After a few blogs that i had been viewing and looking,i found archangel style was absolutely HOT trends now! Look at this :-BLAKE LIVELY in shimmering black dress with archangel shoulder.This hot Gossip Girl actor look stunning and edge.Not too late to have it in your wardrobe,you guys!I will get mine one!

Guys,feel free to left me some comments about this style. I need your suggestions and ideas about any fashion style that you feel are totally in trend now.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leather jacket is BACK!

Besides those trends that i had  been talking about in recently update at my blog ,i found out which leather jacket was absolutely hinting style nowadays.My friends and i were talking about the leather jacket last couple of weeks that we found out leather jacket was good to mix and match with some dresses either it is short or long dress or three quarter . With the hot and sunny weather in Malaysia,i don't think so i will wearing it EXCEPT going to certain fashion events or clubs. That will be PERFECT.Just Malaysia don't have 4 seasons like spring,summer,winter and autumn,that is turn me off to wear the leather jacket.Some of peoples they are don't really mind if the weather are hot,rainy,or sunny by the way,they just wear it even inside they're totally  melting.What they are thinking is ...FASHION is never care! Even though you cannot afford to buy the real LouisVuitton handbag,you will buy the fake one just you want to show off to people and feel having the real Louis Vuitton but u DON'T!..Because it's branded,having it is something u can call it FASHION!

For me,fashion is something that you can express yourself in dressing up.Branded or not branded is not an issue..But people said sometimes you need to have 1 or 2 branded stufss because it is a good quality.=)

I need your comment and suggestion,ppl!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I used to have some studs on my previous collection during my final project..that time studs were not popular among the people yet and i took this advantage to use it as my trademark on my collection. After i'd done my collections,many people asking me about this studs thingy. I'd choose studs because it's referring to rock element as my theme was a 'GLAM ROCK' that time. I'm not trying to say here that i'm the number one who introduced studs to the world. I just want let people know that i know what is the best trends of fashion which is in now! What we can see nowadays trend are studs on the handbag,shoe,sandal,clothes,jacket or jeans.Everywhere is having studs!..Let's ROCK on,baby!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everyone is wearing HAREM PANTS!

This pants should be in my wardrobe for right now! But it's very hard to get in the perfect shape of harem pants that i like and i quite disappointed of the material sometimes,it just could not satisfied my taste at all..Harem pants is basically have a draped at both side and getting skinnier at the bottom of the pants. Example of picture above like Rihanna's wearing. But you can get a different type of harem pants in different shape in any outlet boutiques which sell it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My wardrobe just cannot afford all my clothes,so i need to sacrifice some!(PART 2)

Babydoll Top


Price : Rm20.00

Lenght : 22 inch

Wide : 29 inch

 Size : M

p/s : not including the necklace


Nicole Brown Blouse


Price : Rm 30.00

Lenght : 22 inch

Wide : 29.5 inch

Sleeve lenght : 22.5 inch

Size : M

p/s : not including the necklace

Abstract Pink Top


Price : Rm 20.00

Lenght : 18.5 inch

Wide : 28.5 inch

Size : M

p/s : not including the necklace

Black & White Stripe Blouse

Price : Rm30.00

Size : Free Size

p/s : not including the necklace

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally done!

This two blouses i did for Lamais Boutique. They had a bazaar in Heartbeats Boutique in Kota Damansara last week. Both blouses are rm79 each. I did them only in 3 days.Lucky i had my time to finish all that. Just because the tailor cannot take more order,so i have to do. No choice,besides i am doing freelance designing for this boutique. 

Monday, October 5, 2009

A day in Heartbeats Boutique

Yesterday,i was helping kak bobo for the bazaar thinghy in her friend boutique to promote Lamais collections. It's our online boutique. HEARTBEATS BOUTIQUE was a place that gave us opportunity to put our collection here . Besides,they had a raya open house in boutique .So people will come for eating and buying clothes at the same time. Meanwhile,I was cannot stop eating the coookies that she made. It's so nice! You can try it with buying her cookies in HEARTBEATS BOUTIQUE, Kota Damansara...I just love the decoration in this boutique,it kinds of chic was so COOL!..Check it out guys,you will love it all the pictures that i upload here.
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