Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everyone is wearing HAREM PANTS!

This pants should be in my wardrobe for right now! But it's very hard to get in the perfect shape of harem pants that i like and i quite disappointed of the material sometimes,it just could not satisfied my taste at all..Harem pants is basically have a draped at both side and getting skinnier at the bottom of the pants. Example of picture above like Rihanna's wearing. But you can get a different type of harem pants in different shape in any outlet boutiques which sell it.


Anonymous said...

Different type of harem pants:
I believe harem pants looks better if they have more volym and have a much lower crotch, like these for instance:

Diana Azmi said...

yes,u are true!
i like if the pants got some of big gold buttons at front..look more stylish!

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