Saturday, May 29, 2010

GARAGE SALE@Palate Palette

Here are some pictures what I wore on my first garage sale in conjunction with "45 Pre-Launching Online Magazine" at Palate Palette last night. I was wearing a quite simple casual outfits. A cardigan,skinny jeans and flat are my favourite pieces for at the moment.  As long as its comfort me,I'll be alright.

I still got a few clothes and some stuffs left from the garage sale last night.. I am going to sell them through my blog as soon as possible but it's not going through this blog account. I will create another FASHION AND I blog  BUT version shop closet. So every stuffs and my new collection which I am gonna to sell,will upload and update to that blog. STAY TUNED!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are you an accessory junkie?

I can't get my eyes off to shop the accessories every time I went to an accessory shops. That is one of my habits that I hard to avoid even I try to limit myself from buying them.I got a lot of tons of accessories in the boxes at my closet. I  have no idea how much I was spending them over last a few couple years. I guess a lot of money. Duh!

My boyfriend keep asking me why I love to shop an accessory rather than a cloth or shoe or anything else. My answer is simple because for me an accessory can be an outfit and perfect match for my look. I don't need an outfit that is very havoc and all what I need to do is just putting some nice accessories to myself. But you must remember , Less is more.!! Don't put too much accessories at the one time,your look are going to be unbalance and messy.

p/s: 1) if you want to wear a big necklace,please try to minimize for the earring,choose the small one.
      2)  if you want to wear some bangles/bracelets and a necklace at the same time with the earring. please     try to find a necklace which is a long and thin  so its keep balance the total look of your look.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Style of the fashion bloggers

   Pandora from PANDORA 

Karla from  KARLA'S CLOSET

Andy from  Stylescrapbook


Le Blog De Betty


The Glamourai

These are my favourite fashion bloggers who have an  AMAZING style in their own way. They are just a real people who brings the style to the street which people starts to follow them through a blog. That is exactly what I am doing now. Being as a fashion blogger is just like a full time job for me, at the same time I have something to share with my followers.

If you got a look,got a style and got a fame..let's blogging.!

Do you have your own favourite fashion blogger? Remember,SHARING IS CARING.!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the Dark

My friends and I went to YODA ROCK Fashion Show in Putrajaya last night. Before got back to the parking lot,we decided to take some pictures just for fun.For the first time I felt so happy and enjoyed during the outdoor photo shoot session. What do you like about my style?



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marc Jacob Spring/Summer Fashion Show (PART 1)

I was in Marc Jacob Spring/Summer Collection Fashion Show last night at Pavilion,KL with other fashionistas,socialites,designers,and media. It was fun and mesmerizing to look at the model with new  Marc Jacob's spring/summer collection.My friends and I had so much fun last night during that show .We're just non-stop taking pictures all around the shop.LOL.. Take a look,guys!! To be continued for the PART 2. STAY TUNED!

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