Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zig Zag Hippie Headband

More colors just added
(from the top:- green/black/blue/light purple/yellow/peach orange/red/orange/electric blue/baby pink/neon green)
Also the latest colors just added:- purple/baby blue/apple green

I just made a few more colors of the zig zag hippie headband. As you can see here, I have 2 pictures of them. So girls, if you are interested, please email me. It's just RM 11 each (not including postage) and it's stretchable. :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Je'taime Paris

Finally you can see me in Orange. :) (It's hard to see me in color sometimes. )
From on top of the stairs
Morgan's show
Celio's show
My petite cutest bff, Syahreen in her Parisian style. Does she look adorable?
A little petite Syahreen :)
Thierry Mugler's show. Beautiful accessory that they have. Double like!

Last Saturday, I went to the Grand Opening Launching for Morgan/Celio/Thierry Mugler's fashion show in Pavilion. That was amazing to see a great collection of them. Especially during the Morgan's show. The clothes were amazingly trendy followed by current style and beautiful color. 

All the guests who came on that day were dressing in Parisian look as Je'taime Paris was a dress code of that show. Anyway I was wearing a something simple but still in Parisian look. I just wore a jeans, orange top and a vintage flower cardigan. Simple,rite? Nevertheless , you're lucky because to see me in color sometimes is a bit hard especially in Orange. :)

Wearing: Orange top from Banana Republic ( a gift by my bf), Jeans from F&F, Vintage flower cardigan, Orange sandal from Cotton On, Bag from Nina Ricci (a gift)

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Moulin Rouge Affair (PART 2)

Me, Pawwen, Melly, Syahreen & Catherhea :)
Yanie, me & Eyqa from Sugarscarf by Riqa
With Jasmi Rejab, he's one of my favourite lecturers in Lim Kok Wing University
The last at not least, Ms. Melina-my favourite lecturer. *Happy face*
Captured by Ami from Sputnik Sweetheart. I'm wearing my own handmade headband. 

Continue from Part 1 entry, so this is the Part 2. It was picture of my blogger friend and I during that night last 2 weeks ago. The party time that fulled of memories and fun!! 

p/s: some pictures were taken by Ami from Sputnik Sweetheart & Pawwen from Fashiontalkrap . Thank you guys for the pictures. :)


Friday, April 15, 2011


Inspired of beauty of Greek Goddess. (Still working on it)

Hello girls! I have a sneak peek from my headband new collection. Do you love this (picture above)? Well,it's still not done yet. I'm still working on it. So you girls need to be patient about it just a little while. I'll upload my new collection of headband in pretty soon. STAY TUNED!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Moulin Rouge Affair (PART 1)

Sexy Burlesque theme for this Gala's nite of STYLO 2011.
A moulin rouge affair
I'd set at the media box tent. So cute,isn't it?
Collection by Ara Jo.
Ara Jo, Korean fashion designer who came famous with her collection for Lady Gaga,Leona Lewsi n many more international celebrities. =)
Introducing a collection of the real diamond clutch from Mouawad which costs about $3.8 million.
Voila!! This is the the most expensive diamond clutch ever!!

Hello reades/followers! Finally tonight I've been posting the picture from STYLO's Finale Gala's night last Friday. I'm so sorry for my late posting about the picture. Anyway, I just have time to upload them by tonite and tadaa. It's here already!!.

For the STYLO's Finale Gala night, the theme is about "A moulin rouge affair". So mean it's about the sexy burlesque dress code,fur coat, hair piece with feather & netting all around the face, and also the feather shawl. How sexy! But my dress code during that night was out of theme a bit. Haha. Sorry I accidentally have no idea what to wear and lastly I create my own dress code. It just looked a bit rock "n" roll. LOL. Never mind.

p/s: For the runway picture is originally taken by my boyfriend.The rest is taken using my phone and camera.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet the blogger @ F&F show

Hanie, Syahreen & me.  *dressed up all in black*
Present the scarflets :- Jezmine, Fira, Adriani &the last at not least, Ami.
Finally have met Dato' Jimmy Choo in person  :)
With Fira from  Bits of Beads.
With one of finalist of the Ford's Supermodel model, Atikah. I just love her! So much pretty and friendly.
Do you like my sequined embellishment headband? Specially handmade by me. it's still available if you are interested to purchase it. =)
Me together with Hanie from Average Jane & Hafiz from Cutecarry

 Anyway this pictures are from F&F fashion show at STYLO last Tuesday. But for today's post, it's just about the after party & blogger moments. It's very pleasure to meet all the blogger, photographers,socialites, friends and fashion people together on that night. We had so much fun together with the pictures and poses. 

I hope you will enjoy to have a look for our picture that might be spotted you for a few of my famous blogger friend's face. They are so lovely,friendly and humble. Honestly, it just nice to have a chance to get to know them during that show. :)

Happy Sunday! Xoxo.
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