Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Moulin Rouge Affair (PART 1)

Sexy Burlesque theme for this Gala's nite of STYLO 2011.
A moulin rouge affair
I'd set at the media box tent. So cute,isn't it?
Collection by Ara Jo.
Ara Jo, Korean fashion designer who came famous with her collection for Lady Gaga,Leona Lewsi n many more international celebrities. =)
Introducing a collection of the real diamond clutch from Mouawad which costs about $3.8 million.
Voila!! This is the the most expensive diamond clutch ever!!

Hello reades/followers! Finally tonight I've been posting the picture from STYLO's Finale Gala's night last Friday. I'm so sorry for my late posting about the picture. Anyway, I just have time to upload them by tonite and tadaa. It's here already!!.

For the STYLO's Finale Gala night, the theme is about "A moulin rouge affair". So mean it's about the sexy burlesque dress code,fur coat, hair piece with feather & netting all around the face, and also the feather shawl. How sexy! But my dress code during that night was out of theme a bit. Haha. Sorry I accidentally have no idea what to wear and lastly I create my own dress code. It just looked a bit rock "n" roll. LOL. Never mind.

p/s: For the runway picture is originally taken by my boyfriend.The rest is taken using my phone and camera.


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