Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dots Shirt

I always not looking good at side posing. *Chubby cheeks*
Just wanna get free without any pain on my feet. So here I am with the flip-flops.

You will have no idea how much I got for this dot shirt. I found it at the shop in Times Square as low as 10 bucks on couple months ago. Personally I have no problem on what brands I will going to wear and buy. As long as it's nice for me, I will definitely buy it. To bargain the vintage or bundle items, you must know to pick and choose what the best you will get at the shop. It's like the treasure hunt game and the winner will get the prize . =)

So, good luck on trying the game!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Table for Two

spicy seafood spaghetti for my dinner
Cabonara Cheese Spaghetti for my bff,Syahreen
we're celebating for love of our friendship. =) This is so yummy!!

I had so much fun with my best friend,Syahreen yesterday . A whole day for spending time to hang out with her at Pavilion and we're ending up with had dinner at Delicious,Jalan Ampang for celebrate my birthday that happened on last Friday.Thank you so much for my best friend,Syahreen for treated  me a really nice special dinner at Delicious. I had really enjoyed myself with the delicious foods last night. 

After awhile we are busy with our own life, yesterday and last night was the best of our girls day and night out ever!!. I have some more pictures of us for today hang out eating macaroons. So stay tuned!!!.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things in my bag

Here are some beauty products that I bring with;-dwi color lip-gloss,eczema cream,mac nude lipstick,mascara and a small box for putting the lipstick n lip-balm inside it.
There are my pendrive and house keys together with the cute pinky key-chained. I used to love pink a lot during my teenage age. So I am still keeping some of the cute pink key-chained that I bought before.
Polka dot pouch bag ,blue card holder and my purse . So adorable!

I know some of you may be are excited to know what things have inside my bag, right? Well, there it is!!! I have bought a lot of oversize bags actually. I am just a person who love to carry a lot of craps in my bag. Lol .Well, I am just a girl. Who wouldn't ,right?

Basically things in my bag are : purse, handphone,sony mp3, DKNY sunglasses,note book ( a small one with a pen/pencil), tissue, wet tissue, hair clip,eczema cream (MUST), compact camera (in case), pen drive, house keys, small pouch bag (mostly I filled it with some coins), card holder, a box of lipsticks holder( comes with a mirror inside) and some of the beauty products. Those are what everyday I carry on in my bag. I can felt that my bag is quite heavy sometimes. So I seldom to bring my make up bag. Otherwise I just leave it in the car or home. Some of the beauty products that must have in my bag are;- lip-balm (important), a few of lipsticks ( either nude or red), lip-gloss, gold-dust cream eyeshadow,mascara and eyeliner(COMPULSORY).Sometimes I do bring a food in my bag like a chocolate bar or chew gum plus a bottle of water. =)

Tell me, what things do you have in your bag? X.
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