Friday, February 18, 2011

Table for Two

spicy seafood spaghetti for my dinner
Cabonara Cheese Spaghetti for my bff,Syahreen
we're celebating for love of our friendship. =) This is so yummy!!

I had so much fun with my best friend,Syahreen yesterday . A whole day for spending time to hang out with her at Pavilion and we're ending up with had dinner at Delicious,Jalan Ampang for celebrate my birthday that happened on last Friday.Thank you so much for my best friend,Syahreen for treated  me a really nice special dinner at Delicious. I had really enjoyed myself with the delicious foods last night. 

After awhile we are busy with our own life, yesterday and last night was the best of our girls day and night out ever!!. I have some more pictures of us for today hang out eating macaroons. So stay tuned!!!.


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