Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dots Shirt

I always not looking good at side posing. *Chubby cheeks*
Just wanna get free without any pain on my feet. So here I am with the flip-flops.

You will have no idea how much I got for this dot shirt. I found it at the shop in Times Square as low as 10 bucks on couple months ago. Personally I have no problem on what brands I will going to wear and buy. As long as it's nice for me, I will definitely buy it. To bargain the vintage or bundle items, you must know to pick and choose what the best you will get at the shop. It's like the treasure hunt game and the winner will get the prize . =)

So, good luck on trying the game!!


Orla xx said...

love your shirt :) xx

Diana Azmi said...

thank you Orla.A nice blog that you have. =)


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