Thursday, February 25, 2010

Super duper busy as a designer

Sorry I have no time to post the new entry in my blog for at the moment but I don't want to disappointed my beloved reader with FASHION AND I.So I try to spend a few minutes to post the new entry NOW while I am busy doing pattern-making for Fauziah Latiff(malaysia celebrities) for this Tuesday photoshoot with Harian Metro.

I was so super busy from last 2 weeks and it will keeps going till this April.Have so many projects that waits for me and I am so STRESSFUL!! Help me!! I really dislike the last minutes work but I must to do,no choice!!I need to be done the dress for Fauziah Latiff who used to be the judge of Malaysian Idol .The dress need to be done ASAP this TUESDAY! Can  you guys imagine that?? It makes me going nuts which I have to sew also for my fashion show collection that will be held on this Thursday..Why all these comes at the same time??

Okay forget about that.!Just wanna share the news that I am going to do a dress for Memey Suhaiza for Anugerah Bintang Popular in April.That pics above was taken by today while I took a measurement for her.I will upload more pics while the Berita Harian Press Conference today soon.STAY TUNED!!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hand-made headband by me!

          my lovely customer wears my DIY headband

Lately I found myself loved to make some DIY accessories especially the headband and necklace.This passion was coming for sudden without I noticed it.! At the same it's actually good for me to have a part-time income as a accessory maker if there is any request ,I wont stop.!Doing this is so much fun actually and even you can't make it to people but you can wear them for your own.

When I started wore them before this then many people came and asked me where did I buy them?I said I made it by my own.They were just impress of me,such a incredibly talented young lady!.♥Well,I just do whatever I feel it makes me happy and creative.Nothing can describes me besides through an accessory.This is my new hobby for rite now.

What is your hobby,my beloved readers?


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am an accessory junkie!

What are you doing for today,guys?As for today,I was having lunch with 2 of my bestfriends @ the curve.We 're had ayam penyet(chicken) for the lunch.This is my first time eating this.I never know that how tasty ayam penyet was till I ate this today.Now I start crave to have it more and  more..LOL..Haha..

Besides that, I found myself addict to buy an accessory for many times!!! I can't stop myself from buying them.It's like a drug for me that I must have and use that. So I upload some of the pics that show is my collection of accessories. Just noticed that I have a lot and a lot of the accessories. You can see that through those pics.I love them like myself.I cant explain it through a word.

What is you addicting to,guys?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Ornel Soie Paris Professional Fashion Academy

Who is he?He is Ornel Soie-famous fashion designer in Paris and Europe. As you guys know,he is a MALAYSIAN. I really salute of him for his talents in exploring international fashion level.

This man is very powerful over introduce Batik into his collections. See,Batik is already famous in Europe!!!(biggest applause to him).I just opened his website recently ,then he was seeking for malaysian students for enroll his fashion academy for a few intake till 2011.It only provides for a short course for 1 month with 5000 euro. OMG! it so damn expensive for me.As you know,when convert to malaysia ringgit(currency) to euro,it's totally big amount (times 7).$$$$$$$..I can't afford of that. So bad. I wish malaysia currency will up a little bit higher in coming years so that I can afford to further my studies in Europe.

I leave you guys with his website link here..ORNEL SOIE .Do check it out what is happening in his site.You will love it so much with his Batik Collections. =)



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rock in your style with the SKULL SHAWL

                              myself in skull shawl
                 Andy Torres from Stylescrapbook

This is what I always put it on every time I go.The skull shawl is totally ROCK IN my style.I am an accessory junkie and believe that the accessories can make an outfit.I am dying to have some of the skulls design which it could be a ring,pendant,t-shirt ,earring,bangle or anything up to me.As for myself,this is my ultimate piece for rite now.

I always believe in dressing up"less is more".Simple yet casual.It suits with my style.Not forget of that,try to twist, mix and match some accessories with your outfits.Definitely,it's totally makes you look AMAZING!.Trust me!!

Sorry for the low quality and blur image of myself who has taken by my friend.



Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P McQueen

My favourite designer was found dead on my birthday yesterday.Seem 11th Feb in this year was not a good date for me.McQueen's collections are always incredibly AWESOME!! Now the fashion world just LOST such a very talented fashion designer ever,how sad it is. =(.

My friend tweet me in twitter last night that said he committed suicide with hung himself in his room.I am also not quite sure with the rumour of his death cause.There is no black and white yet from investigation.



Happy Birthday To Me!!

These cupcakes are so cute,aren't them? I made the order from Cupcake Dazzle. You are finally falling in love when you view the cupcakes pictures that they had done before...There are so many samples that they have done before include for the wedding ceremonies,birthday,father&mother day,engagement,valentine, baby shower, and etc..I suggest you guys take a few minutes try to stop by at their blog.You are definitely love it.!!

I totally can't believe that Cupcake Dazzle can made the"Hello Kitty" cupcakes for me during on my birthday.But I only requested it for 4 pieces only because I felt it would be boring if all are the cupcakes will be have the same designs,so I asked them to mix for the many designs which there are polka dot,love,and colourful cupcakes.Not forgetting my friends are really loving it so so much and asking me where did i order it?? Now I already give the link,so try to take a look,guys!..

Oh ya,I just celebrated my birthday today with hangout somewhere in Pavilion with my bf and close friends.It was a simple celebration.Nothing special at all. =)

Happy Birthday for Myself!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Styling your hair up with the French Braids!!

     My fav. fashionista blogger-Stylescrapbook by Andy.

It's times to get some attention with your hair.Don't takes easily with your hair because it's actually could helping you are getting fabulous in your style.Yes,I know sometimes we are hurrying up for something which make you have no time for styling up your hair and so do I.

Why don't you girls try to do the french braids? It's pretty simple and simply fast to do it.Here is the website that I found just now which have a demo video to teach you girls how to have a nice the french braids.CLICK HERE!! .Good luck.


Accessories Lover!!


I am the person who crazy about getting the accessories. Either it a ring or bangle or necklace,all them I have.But my taste is more to the chunky and unique accessories. I wasted so much money on them but never mind as long as I love them..LOL..haha.

I recently  found out the coolest fashion blogs like Cheap Thrills,Fade to Black & Song of Style which uploaded the pictures of  themselves wearing some beautiful accessories with their own style. . So you can see from the above pictures of the two hands,silver bangles with turquoise rhinestones and the girl with the coffee are from those the fashionable blogger..Do check it out,guys!! There are so many coolest stuffs and pictures that gonna inspired you then.Guess I should go to bed now,it is already 2.20 'o clock in the morning-Good night Malaysian and Good morning European !!!



Saturday, February 6, 2010

DIY necklace by Diana Azmi

Here is the DIY necklace that I made it today.Pretty nice,isn't it? It is in trend nowadays! Actually this necklace is belong to me.I just show it here as a sample first. But don't worry girls,I planned to do some pieces of this necklace-which are more designs,size,colour,material like rhinestones,studs,sequins,button,beads and etc..If you interested with this piece of necklace which at the picture above,you can comment me in here or do email me at this piece,I only sell it RM 35..cheaper rite? If you check it out at outside,the price is over RM40 plus,you know?But the price will be different for another pieces of necklace which I am gonna update soon..because of the material,and design and size.But no worry,the price is less than over Rm45.

At least,this is handmade necklace by designer like I think this price would be more affordable for you girls. =).I will update soon if there are some pieces that already done by me.Stay tuned!!!
Any request so far that your necklace you wanted?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love February!!!

I can't wait for my birthday which it's gonna be happen in less 2 weeks.So mean that I am going to turn 22 this year. Does it means I should be more serious on my life right now? I know turn to be 22 ,  doesn't mean the world gonna be end soon for myself...LOL..haha...Just I should live with the fullest,appreciate what is going on  around me even it's good or bad things,love with the people that I love,care and understanding with them and all that are the important things should be care.

As valentine's day just the corner as my birthday,I planned to celebrate them at the same time during on my birthday. So I already made plan ordering some cupcake which I require to have the "HELLO KITTY" cupcakes besides have another cupcakes with different  kind of style-there are gonna have polka dot,love,and colourful cupcakes.Doesn't it sounds amazing? I will upload the picture when I get them during my birthday ok,guys..Who are among of you guys that  going to celebrate birthday on FEBRUARY??

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