Monday, February 8, 2010

Accessories Lover!!


I am the person who crazy about getting the accessories. Either it a ring or bangle or necklace,all them I have.But my taste is more to the chunky and unique accessories. I wasted so much money on them but never mind as long as I love them..LOL..haha.

I recently  found out the coolest fashion blogs like Cheap Thrills,Fade to Black & Song of Style which uploaded the pictures of  themselves wearing some beautiful accessories with their own style. . So you can see from the above pictures of the two hands,silver bangles with turquoise rhinestones and the girl with the coffee are from those the fashionable blogger..Do check it out,guys!! There are so many coolest stuffs and pictures that gonna inspired you then.Guess I should go to bed now,it is already 2.20 'o clock in the morning-Good night Malaysian and Good morning European !!!



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