Saturday, February 6, 2010

DIY necklace by Diana Azmi

Here is the DIY necklace that I made it today.Pretty nice,isn't it? It is in trend nowadays! Actually this necklace is belong to me.I just show it here as a sample first. But don't worry girls,I planned to do some pieces of this necklace-which are more designs,size,colour,material like rhinestones,studs,sequins,button,beads and etc..If you interested with this piece of necklace which at the picture above,you can comment me in here or do email me at this piece,I only sell it RM 35..cheaper rite? If you check it out at outside,the price is over RM40 plus,you know?But the price will be different for another pieces of necklace which I am gonna update soon..because of the material,and design and size.But no worry,the price is less than over Rm45.

At least,this is handmade necklace by designer like I think this price would be more affordable for you girls. =).I will update soon if there are some pieces that already done by me.Stay tuned!!!
Any request so far that your necklace you wanted?


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