Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love February!!!

I can't wait for my birthday which it's gonna be happen in less 2 weeks.So mean that I am going to turn 22 this year. Does it means I should be more serious on my life right now? I know turn to be 22 ,  doesn't mean the world gonna be end soon for myself...LOL..haha...Just I should live with the fullest,appreciate what is going on  around me even it's good or bad things,love with the people that I love,care and understanding with them and all that are the important things should be care.

As valentine's day just the corner as my birthday,I planned to celebrate them at the same time during on my birthday. So I already made plan ordering some cupcake which I require to have the "HELLO KITTY" cupcakes besides have another cupcakes with different  kind of style-there are gonna have polka dot,love,and colourful cupcakes.Doesn't it sounds amazing? I will upload the picture when I get them during my birthday ok,guys..Who are among of you guys that  going to celebrate birthday on FEBRUARY??


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