Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shoe in FUTURE !

                      Giuseppe Zanotti

                        Heavy Machine

                      Gian Marco Lorenzi


                        Yves Saint Laurent


                              Miu Miu

                         Gianni Barbato

                          Laurence Dacade


                         Unknown label

                          Koji Horigome

                                Gianfranco Ferre

I am going crazy looking all these killing heels. It's heaven for girls. I am really in love with GIANNI BARBATO black skull heels..That is so AMAZING.!!

Which one is your favourite,girls?


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My fav. fashion editor-Christine Centenera ♥

Christine Centenera is a Fashion Editor for Harper Bazaar Australia. For at this moment,she is my fav. fashion editor icon beside KATE LANPHEAR from ELLE,US. There are many fashion editors who totally have a great sense of fashion taste. For example: Anna Wintour,Emmanuelle Alt,Giovanna Battaglia,Taylor Tomasi Hill and the rest of them which too many too list here. =)

Which one is your favourite fashion editor?


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Transformation and Inspiration of KEBAYA!

I love the inspiration of kebaya especially the sharp bottom of kebaya outfit. My GLAM ROCK collection was inspired by kebaya if you guys want to know. Credit to my lecturer,Adnan Hassan for required me to choose "kebaya" as my subject during my final semester in Limkokwing University last year. During that time the subject must related to Asian element.Here is the transformation that I did from kebaya to something wearable rock modern collection.

For this coming ABPBH,I'm  still using subject of kebaya for the dress of Memey Suhaiza. This time I more focus to the silhouette and women body figure.Although kebaya what people know is referring to the women figure or silhouette.Some people will said that kebaya actually is S.E.X.Y.

Well,I don't want to talk too much in here,just STAY TUNED,guys!!!..Wait & See.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Presents"Reborn of 80's " fashion show!(PART 1)

I enjoyed with my works..I really wanna thank to all my models,photographer,twenty-one kicthen & bar , toni & guy , make up artist  and perte collection for all your helped,sponsorship,and support for my 1st fashion show.It's just beginning to me and hope there are more to come soon..thank you too for those who were coming to my show last you!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FashFab presenting:-Ili Diyana Azmi(Diana Azmi)

Till now I still can't believe which I am gonna have my 1st time having my own fashion show.It likes a dream come true and sometimes it's like fairytale story.From a little girl who keep her dream to become fashion designer finally come true.It all happens unexpectedly and I would like to thank to everyone who always give me a support either physically or mentally or both.I really appreciate it so much,guys and not forgetting to all my beloved readers.I love you guys so much.

Become as a fashion designer is not easy way,it full of hardworking,sacrifice and patience to be as one of a famous fashion designer.As for myself,I through a lot of difficult things and steps to reach at this level as a new young designer.At the first after graduate,actually I wanted to be as a stylist at fashion magazine because I feel become a fashion designer is really challenging and tough.At the same times,the income of fashion designer is not permanent .It depends on how you attract people to buy your brand.

I never keep this feeling for to get famous or fame for becoming as a fashion designer but it comes from deep of my heart which I really love to do anything related with FASHION.But I never stop to seeking for a job as stylist,it's part of what I love to do too..Who said if I become as a stylist I am gonna stop doing designing.?I am still keep to do both..=)As long as people wanna see my work.

Click here to view the event-FashFab presents-Ili Diyana Azmi..Will upload the pics of my fashion show then.STAY TUNED!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Transformation of 80's hairstyle and make up!

Well these pics actually for my reference to my hairstylist and make up artist for my fashion show which just a corner.I did some research on what kind of hairstyle and make up that I want to do to my models.So I thought red lipstick should be sexy and daring for the girls besides my collection is more funky and adorable cute silhouette.It's better if there is something glossy and glittering make up to put on,isn't it?.

For the hairstyle,I asked to the hairstyle to do a high bun with wavy/messy fridge&bang at front.I want it have an attitude.Even though my inspiration came from 80's fashion but honestly I am not follow 100% of 80's.There is a transformation that I made which I just learn and adopted some of 80's style-like puff sleeve,tutu skirt,flare,etc.

Till now,I love 80's fashion which reminds me to Sarah Jessica Parker in "Girls just wanna have fun",Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.They were a fashion icon during that era.=).
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