Monday, March 1, 2010

Transformation of 80's hairstyle and make up!

Well these pics actually for my reference to my hairstylist and make up artist for my fashion show which just a corner.I did some research on what kind of hairstyle and make up that I want to do to my models.So I thought red lipstick should be sexy and daring for the girls besides my collection is more funky and adorable cute silhouette.It's better if there is something glossy and glittering make up to put on,isn't it?.

For the hairstyle,I asked to the hairstyle to do a high bun with wavy/messy fridge&bang at front.I want it have an attitude.Even though my inspiration came from 80's fashion but honestly I am not follow 100% of 80's.There is a transformation that I made which I just learn and adopted some of 80's style-like puff sleeve,tutu skirt,flare,etc.

Till now,I love 80's fashion which reminds me to Sarah Jessica Parker in "Girls just wanna have fun",Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.They were a fashion icon during that era.=).

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