Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FashFab presenting:-Ili Diyana Azmi(Diana Azmi)

Till now I still can't believe which I am gonna have my 1st time having my own fashion show.It likes a dream come true and sometimes it's like fairytale story.From a little girl who keep her dream to become fashion designer finally come true.It all happens unexpectedly and I would like to thank to everyone who always give me a support either physically or mentally or both.I really appreciate it so much,guys and not forgetting to all my beloved readers.I love you guys so much.

Become as a fashion designer is not easy way,it full of hardworking,sacrifice and patience to be as one of a famous fashion designer.As for myself,I through a lot of difficult things and steps to reach at this level as a new young designer.At the first after graduate,actually I wanted to be as a stylist at fashion magazine because I feel become a fashion designer is really challenging and tough.At the same times,the income of fashion designer is not permanent .It depends on how you attract people to buy your brand.

I never keep this feeling for to get famous or fame for becoming as a fashion designer but it comes from deep of my heart which I really love to do anything related with FASHION.But I never stop to seeking for a job as stylist,it's part of what I love to do too..Who said if I become as a stylist I am gonna stop doing designing.?I am still keep to do both..=)As long as people wanna see my work.

Click here to view the event-FashFab presents-Ili Diyana Azmi..Will upload the pics of my fashion show then.STAY TUNED!!

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