Thursday, February 25, 2010

Super duper busy as a designer

Sorry I have no time to post the new entry in my blog for at the moment but I don't want to disappointed my beloved reader with FASHION AND I.So I try to spend a few minutes to post the new entry NOW while I am busy doing pattern-making for Fauziah Latiff(malaysia celebrities) for this Tuesday photoshoot with Harian Metro.

I was so super busy from last 2 weeks and it will keeps going till this April.Have so many projects that waits for me and I am so STRESSFUL!! Help me!! I really dislike the last minutes work but I must to do,no choice!!I need to be done the dress for Fauziah Latiff who used to be the judge of Malaysian Idol .The dress need to be done ASAP this TUESDAY! Can  you guys imagine that?? It makes me going nuts which I have to sew also for my fashion show collection that will be held on this Thursday..Why all these comes at the same time??

Okay forget about that.!Just wanna share the news that I am going to do a dress for Memey Suhaiza for Anugerah Bintang Popular in April.That pics above was taken by today while I took a measurement for her.I will upload more pics while the Berita Harian Press Conference today soon.STAY TUNED!!!

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