Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hand-made headband by me!

          my lovely customer wears my DIY headband

Lately I found myself loved to make some DIY accessories especially the headband and necklace.This passion was coming for sudden without I noticed it.! At the same it's actually good for me to have a part-time income as a accessory maker if there is any request ,I wont stop.!Doing this is so much fun actually and even you can't make it to people but you can wear them for your own.

When I started wore them before this then many people came and asked me where did I buy them?I said I made it by my own.They were just impress of me,such a incredibly talented young lady!.♥Well,I just do whatever I feel it makes me happy and creative.Nothing can describes me besides through an accessory.This is my new hobby for rite now.

What is your hobby,my beloved readers?



Anonymous said...

its supercool to see ur handmade i also make my own hairband to and its so fun to do it:)

Diana Azmi said...

thanks.yes i found it's so much fun to do it.And i felt so happy when my customer loved it.

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