Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

These cupcakes are so cute,aren't them? I made the order from Cupcake Dazzle. You are finally falling in love when you view the cupcakes pictures that they had done before...There are so many samples that they have done before include for the wedding ceremonies,birthday,father&mother day,engagement,valentine, baby shower, and etc..I suggest you guys take a few minutes try to stop by at their blog.You are definitely love it.!!

I totally can't believe that Cupcake Dazzle can made the"Hello Kitty" cupcakes for me during on my birthday.But I only requested it for 4 pieces only because I felt it would be boring if all are the cupcakes will be have the same designs,so I asked them to mix for the many designs which there are polka dot,love,and colourful cupcakes.Not forgetting my friends are really loving it so so much and asking me where did i order it?? Now I already give the link,so try to take a look,guys!..

Oh ya,I just celebrated my birthday today with hangout somewhere in Pavilion with my bf and close friends.It was a simple celebration.Nothing special at all. =)

Happy Birthday for Myself!!


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