Monday, February 15, 2010

Ornel Soie Paris Professional Fashion Academy

Who is he?He is Ornel Soie-famous fashion designer in Paris and Europe. As you guys know,he is a MALAYSIAN. I really salute of him for his talents in exploring international fashion level.

This man is very powerful over introduce Batik into his collections. See,Batik is already famous in Europe!!!(biggest applause to him).I just opened his website recently ,then he was seeking for malaysian students for enroll his fashion academy for a few intake till 2011.It only provides for a short course for 1 month with 5000 euro. OMG! it so damn expensive for me.As you know,when convert to malaysia ringgit(currency) to euro,it's totally big amount (times 7).$$$$$$$..I can't afford of that. So bad. I wish malaysia currency will up a little bit higher in coming years so that I can afford to further my studies in Europe.

I leave you guys with his website link here..ORNEL SOIE .Do check it out what is happening in his site.You will love it so much with his Batik Collections. =)



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