Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things in my bag

Here are some beauty products that I bring with;-dwi color lip-gloss,eczema cream,mac nude lipstick,mascara and a small box for putting the lipstick n lip-balm inside it.
There are my pendrive and house keys together with the cute pinky key-chained. I used to love pink a lot during my teenage age. So I am still keeping some of the cute pink key-chained that I bought before.
Polka dot pouch bag ,blue card holder and my purse . So adorable!

I know some of you may be are excited to know what things have inside my bag, right? Well, there it is!!! I have bought a lot of oversize bags actually. I am just a person who love to carry a lot of craps in my bag. Lol .Well, I am just a girl. Who wouldn't ,right?

Basically things in my bag are : purse, handphone,sony mp3, DKNY sunglasses,note book ( a small one with a pen/pencil), tissue, wet tissue, hair clip,eczema cream (MUST), compact camera (in case), pen drive, house keys, small pouch bag (mostly I filled it with some coins), card holder, a box of lipsticks holder( comes with a mirror inside) and some of the beauty products. Those are what everyday I carry on in my bag. I can felt that my bag is quite heavy sometimes. So I seldom to bring my make up bag. Otherwise I just leave it in the car or home. Some of the beauty products that must have in my bag are;- lip-balm (important), a few of lipsticks ( either nude or red), lip-gloss, gold-dust cream eyeshadow,mascara and eyeliner(COMPULSORY).Sometimes I do bring a food in my bag like a chocolate bar or chew gum plus a bottle of water. =)

Tell me, what things do you have in your bag? X.

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