Monday, January 31, 2011

Rocking in this outfit,are you ready enough yet?

A little bit of sneak peek for styling-a-look by me today. I know some of you all had been asking me about a fashion review from me. Here are some items of an outfit that might be help you out to style your look. To look stylish and edgy in this outfit, I suggested to your guys, please use basic colour like- white/beige/light brown/black/grey. If you want to add something "vibrant" in this look, you absolutely can play with colour of red/turqouise/green/shocking pink for the accessories especially for shoes,belt or clutch/bag. It always looks good on you anyway.  But please remembered, if too much "vibrant" colours you're trying to put in this outfit, you insanely won't look good at all. So keep remind this word that 'Less is more'.

However,if you don't feel want to wear leather jacket/blazer at all, you absolutely can replace it with a draped cardigan or vest. For extra look, a skull scarf ,embellishment headband and some gold and silver accessories are the perfect match to kill this outfit out.So let's try it out!!!

To get all these items,you can browse around on , TOPSHOP, , and They have everything on what you're wishing for.!! Anyway I hope this sneak peek will help you a bit to treasure your own style.Good luck by then =)


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