Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi boys and girls. I just want to announce you guys that my blog is no more using But I already changed it the URL to

So be alert ya!! Probably the blog header will change it to "the fashion and i" in very soon. To let you guys know about dianaufal's URL before, was a blog that story of my personal life like randomly what happened to my everyday life,gossip,relationship problem and all that crap stuffs. After I graduated from a college last 2 years,so I started to active blogging 24/7 and still using this blog tho. I'm so lazy to create a new blog, I just deleted some of the crap stories that I wrote before. Because I  found some of them are ridiculous and sarcastic entries.So yeah I deleted them,then started to write about fashion entry as my obsession to it.

Welcome back to the new FASHION AND I. =)


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