Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are you an accessory junkie?

I can't get my eyes off to shop the accessories every time I went to an accessory shops. That is one of my habits that I hard to avoid even I try to limit myself from buying them.I got a lot of tons of accessories in the boxes at my closet. I  have no idea how much I was spending them over last a few couple years. I guess a lot of money. Duh!

My boyfriend keep asking me why I love to shop an accessory rather than a cloth or shoe or anything else. My answer is simple because for me an accessory can be an outfit and perfect match for my look. I don't need an outfit that is very havoc and all what I need to do is just putting some nice accessories to myself. But you must remember , Less is more.!! Don't put too much accessories at the one time,your look are going to be unbalance and messy.

p/s: 1) if you want to wear a big necklace,please try to minimize for the earring,choose the small one.
      2)  if you want to wear some bangles/bracelets and a necklace at the same time with the earring. please     try to find a necklace which is a long and thin  so its keep balance the total look of your look.



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