Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Camelia Khalid-Malaysia Fashionista!

She is a Malaysian singer who very successful as a fashion icon in an international market. You can see her always in first row of the international designers fashion show-like Fendi,Chanel,Dior,and wore the designer clothes. What is the nice feeling being as her.?Obviously ,everything she put it on to her,always looks good at her. Besides,she had natural beauty face. =)

Her career as singer is quite unsuccessful in Malaysia because people always labels her as a style icon.Meanwhile she always appears as an icon ofthe  international brand even though in magazine or commercial advertisement on tv. I still remembered at the first time she appeared as L'oreal cover girl on tv.

I just recently search her page on Facebook, so I took it some of her pictures for you guys take a look.She is damn beautiful Malaysian women that I adored of.=)Really loves her style and her fashion sense.


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