Monday, January 11, 2010

GAGA vs RIHANNA-which one you choose,guys?









The latest single of Rihanna is so Amazing,I heard it over and over till I can memorize a little bit of the lyric lol...haha.Just now,I watched the video clip that totally AWESOME. Well done to the video maker for the awesome video clip that you created. You guys should go to watch it NOW!! Click HERE for watch HARD by Rihanna.

I found lately Rihanna tried to adapt a little bit of Lady Gaga's style,if you don't believe me,try to search her current style which she loves to wear weird and extreme style outfits same like Lady Gaga wore .As we knew,she just gets strength for against her physical abuse from Chris Brown who was her ex bf. From Russian Roulette till Hard,we know -RIHANNA IS BACK!!..

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♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

i like rhianna's style, but gaga is a better musician, hands down. :)

nice blog, enjoyed browsing, and now following. hope to visit again. cheers!


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