Friday, January 1, 2010

We love Kate Lanphear's style!!


 For those all of you didn't know who is KATE LANPHEAR? She is a fashion and style editor for US ELLE magazine who getting attention of her chic style.You will see Lanphear in jeans,blazer,t-shirt and cashmere with some chunky accessories always looking chic and edgy. She is never failed manages to take grey and black,and combine them,twist them and surprise you with a few basic ingredients.

She believes that a minimalist closet can take you very far. I admits it ,for me less is more.That is my rule in dressing up.You just knows what the best fits you better.While dressing up,accessorize your accessories is important thing to make what you are wearing look stunning!. This is my key of my style. I just need my accessories. It's never turn me down. I wish you all good luck trying a brand new style of your 2010 fashion style.We are just need a change!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my beloved reader!!!

with love,


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