Thursday, December 31, 2009

WELCOME 2010!!

I wanted to take a quick chance to wish all of you guys a wonderful happy new year.Hope 2010 will brings the goods for you all and so do I. Well,for this new year I planed to celebrate it with simply at home with my family.Since my boyfriend is leaving to Makkah tomorrow morning with his parent,so there is nothing makes me happy this new year eve. I know he just leaves me like around 2 weeks,BUT  I feel very lonely without him around me. =( We're never been separated for the long time,so I am a little bit emotional right now for wish goodbye to him.It makes me wanna to cry.(I am very easily crying-just a cry baby).

Changing the subject, I know some of you for sure already set a plan for the new year resolutions,isn't it? Tell me what is your resolutions......If you guys asking me about my new year resolutions- I just inspired want to change my style with wearing more cheerful colour besides my basic colour like black,white and grey. Ohh yea 1 thing I forgot to say,I really want to make money for 2010-starting a little small clothing business and wedding PERHAPS!.

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