Monday, January 6, 2014

Feeling 1920 - 1940's style

Some outfit of the day (ootd) pictures that I took last weekend during my working day. Since working on Sunday was quite relaxing, so I decided to wear this vintage white blouse that I bought just about 5 bucks. It's so treasure hunt! . I love the detail on top the blouse , you can see a bit embroidery on there and also the sleeve is so 1920-194040's style. Vintage is so me!

Obviously , I'm very obsessed with something vintage. So , I don't bother to buy the clothes that it's a pre-loved or bundle , at least it's look nice and in a good condition for sure. What you have to do is just using your own fashion sense to mix and match them.

Oh ya, this dark purple / pinkish oversize YSL inspired clutch is from my friend online shop - DOLLIES SHOP . You can follow them on instagram. Click the DOLLIES SHOP !


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