Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Saturday

Meeting with Women of Malaysia and Kawaii-fullhouse's founder
 Having some delicious cupcakes at The Garden (sorry, I forgot the shop name)
Snap myself in the toilet..LOL.
My Polariod picture. Wore my own handmade headband. Do you like it?
My bff, Syahreen and I. *webcaming*

Anyway I have been thinking to upload these picture in a week early but there were many things going through lately.With my camera had a problem and doesn't work sometimes, working time, blogging event, and  working on my headband business. So I hold it for awhile till I have time to upload them as today. I can declare myself is a very busy woman. I just work for earning some money for myself without depending everything on my parents. Well, I'm a very independent and working hard girl that you ever known. =)


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