Friday, December 25, 2009

DIY studs on my jeans!

I bought 3 packs of DIY studs with different shape,size and color from online.As my friends know that I am the studs lover.Well,seem the stud thingy is in HOT trend now,I tried to search where can I get the studs with cheap price.Finally I got it. There is a website that sell DIY studs with the price is below rm15 for 100 pieces of them...absolutely affordable for me as a designer. I started use studs on my previous collection-GLAM ROCK. Then once it come out in magazine and to public,on the spot it turn to be as a follow trend nowadays for the clothing store and young teenagers. =). If you guys wanna know in detail which website that I bought the studs was,click HERE!

They're also in FACEBOOK,add them in HERE.

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