Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's talk about shopping!

Everyone is talking about AVATAR,so I don't missed time going to watch it yesterday with my boyfriend.The movie was AWESOME. I love it and you guys should go to watch it.There is a message about this movie which we as a human being should take care of our environment and nature.Don't be selfish because of getting rich but respect the NATURE.Let's be the nature breath for our world. =)

Oh let's stop talking about the movie.Let's start talk about shopping right now. I know every stores/boutiques /shopping malls are crazy to put SALE on their stores. Christmas and New Year just around in the corner. For those the shopaholics like me, this time are perfect for us to grab some new clothes for the new year eve.

For me,nothing much that I wish to get EXCEPT the new black cardigan from Forever 21 or Pull and Bear.I start saving some money to buy it soon.Duhh.Well,I just can't help about it even my boyfriend keep told me that I don't need to keep buying clothes often because I only wore it once.My closet also is getting full and uncontrolled because there is a lot of clothes inside.I even don't know where should I put another clothes that I buy it then soon. Seem I have to get another a new closet for me.

For me shopping is fun and could be a BFF to any girls..=)


Israq said...

you dont have to buy new closet...wht u need is...garage sell..sell ur unwanted garments...the money boleh bli cardigan pull&bear. ;)

Diana Azmi said...

good idea! Yes,i do think about it but seem i love all my clothes.It's hard for me to choose some for the garage sale..i terpaksa la organize balik items dlm wardrobe i =)

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