Monday, December 21, 2009

Headbands by Diana Azmi

I love accessories include headbands,I got some with  different type of designs,color,and size..just list it down,any shape that I had. I am just accessory collector..LOL...hahaha.  Can't help about it. Well,seem today was such a boring day for me,I spent my time made headband so that I  can sell them to everyone who interested. But the price I still not confirm it yet,well update it soon,okay guys? Be patient,I still have another 2 in proses.


Anonymous said...

hi diana...i saw ur diy headband kat blog totin...usually bpe bajet ea?? nk tnye pricing dlu boley???=)

Diana Azmi said...

mostly yg macam nie semua i charge kalau u nak request agak pelik2 ckit tue maybe mahal ckit..


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