Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to basic

Omg! it's heavy raining since this morning till now.Couples of this weeks Malaysia started having raining which non-stop besides some of the countries already had flood especially at the east sides. Lucky my place doesn't get flood. It's just raining everyday,that's all. But i'm still care of that because i hate raining.It makes my day gonna be slow or boring.While i'm driving,rain will be a big problem for me because i'm gonna be stuck in the traffic jam like for ages.OMG! This is one thing in my list that i hate bad =(..

But for some people,they are still believe that rain actually a bless from GOD.Yes,i believe that too but just i don't feel like to have raining a whole day from morning to the next morning. Many things can't do,just you gonna be stuck at home like a whole day either  sleeping or watch tv.So sorry to say that,i'm not type of a home person.I love to hangout outside rather than staying at home a whole day. As my age still young,i mostly spend my day with my bf and lovely friends hangout for movie or vacation.

I was watching a movie today with my bf.We watched 2012. I just get the chance today for watch it because from the 1st day it was in cinema,crowds like hell.All the tickets were SOLD OUT!. This movie is a SUPER DUPER BOX OFFICE!..Totally worth it to watch this movie and i definitely got the message that we as a human being should believe that world gonna be in the end sooner or later. But please don't make it happened  NOW! Because i'm still not ready for it...=(..if you guys asking me what i really want to do before world gonna be end soon? I'll answer" i will let my family and my bf know that i really care and love them so much than they do!"..How yours?





Parisian girl said...

I love Fashion blog ;)

Diana Azmi said...

thank you.
i love your blog too..♥


Jessica Ly said...

ah 2012, amazing film!

PS. I LOVE a little bit of punk, rock chick-ness!

Diana Azmi said...

to jessica: It was an amazing film! ..your fashion sense is same like mine..seems we can get along..=)

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