Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rajendra already be MINE today!

I was still sleeping when my shoe that i bought form online a few days ago already reached at my home today. My mum woke me up said the Pos Laju( something like DHL express) man asked for my signature. I was totally blur without brush my teeth and messy hair just running to get my shoe. I looked horrible. The funny thing i put my signature to the column that supposedly I write down my name there. Hahaha. Whatever. I just told that guy i just woke up. Sorry if i look blur and horrible with my hello kitty pajamas. Finally i was happy get my rajendra that i bought from orange little. Totally loved it!





thesaintprostitute said...

awwwww, cool, i suke name shoe u - Rajendra, ahaaaaaa

Diana Azmi said...

it's mean king of lord..

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