Sunday, November 29, 2009

Transformation of black to future bridal gown

Who doesn't know Vera Wang? She is the GREATEST fashion designer for bridal among of other  famous designers. These pictures are Vera Wang Spring 2010 for Bridal Collection. That totally will make you think that -Is black gonna be trend color for future bridal? Hmm...for me,it doesn't bother me at all because black is my favorite color ever.Hahaha..I love her black bridal collection.Talk about VERA WANG. Most of huge celebrities or socialites choose her as their designer for themselves wedding.I wish I could but guess it will never happens to me. Vera's collection is damn expensive for me. Even though  I should been working  for 15 years long to earn me for buying 1 of  her fabulous wedding gown collections,it still doesn't afford me ever. I am not rich as a Hollywood celebrities that money are not a big issues for them. Guess that I need to do my own -design,pattern-making,cutting and sewing by myself. I think it's more feels meaningful for myself -wearing my own design for my big day that I will never forget it the rest of my life. Well, I guess I should stop daydreaming about getting married! I still had to sew some beads and sequins to my corset for YODA fashion show next Thursday-freaking nervous...So girls,how will your wedding gown look like? I want to know,as people said" Share is Caring" =)..Tell me,tell me. .........


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