Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memey Suhaiza in Diana Azmi

Anyone up to Genting for ABPBH 2009 last sunday? I was coming quite late to ABPBH,so I don't seem too much focus on the celebrities dresses and style. For ABPBH 2009, Memey Suhaiza wore my creation for the red carpet. This dress I made based on women body silhouette. For the top ,it's quite tight & curvy shape and a big flare at the bottom..It's all about balancing.

What do you think about this dress? Sometimes I need your guys opinion which that I can develop my creativity in designing.



Laflybee said...

hello diana..this is my 1st time visiting ur page..
(ni saja2 komen tau..from layman point of view)
i rasa u sgt suka dengan 'fringe over the shoulder' punya elemen. which i think a bit distracted when at the same time u already got another element to focus. cth; baju memey dah ada macam bling2 bolero dgn tutu kat kaki..then plus the cowboy-like fringe.. mungkin kalu u detail up/elaborate more on either one of that..the dress will turn out prettier ;)

Diana Azmi said...


welcome to my blog for at the first time..i mmg suka tassel utk buat masa skrg..actually that dress got story which memey afraid to wear sleeveless,so i need to cover up the armpits with something..since i tgh suka dgn tassel,i gunakan lah for at the last minutes..=)

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