Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year-2011.

I can't believe that tonight is the last day of 2010. Time flies so fast without we noticed it. My oh my, I am going turning 23 on next year, it means that I'm getting old and matured. Well, a fact still a fact that we're getting old year by year. We can't change about it. Meanwhile, it's a process to prepare yourself to the real world that full of responsibilities and adventures. Do you get what I mean?

Talking about new year, what's your plans for tonight? Like mine, there's no celebration tonight EXCEPT staying home for own goods while watching the Spartacus. Besides, my boyfriend is still not recovering from his knee operation. So I guess we are just fine to stay at home for this new year eve.  And I also hate to be stuck in the jam for hours like it was just happened to me and my boyfriend on last 2 years. We were celebrating for the countdown in the car.Oh yes,it was totally spoiled the mood for welcoming the new chapter of our life. Anyway ,we had so much fun together watched the fireworks from outside the car.So people,



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