Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Pretty Face- Amy Macdonald

I don't care if it's YSL. I don't care if  it's Chanel.
What matters to me is a strong belief
All this beauty is skin deep
Don't care about hair ,don't care about eyes
It's about what's inside.

The first time I listened to this song, I obviously falling in love with Amy Macdonald's voice and all her songs. Like this Pretty Face's song, it has meaning of beauty like we can't explain how beauty it is. For me beauty is subjective that we can't describe. Somehow I belief  that beauty is just temporary and it won't stay last till forever. I feel so grateful to God for giving me what I have now. It's more than enough for me just to have a pretty face. What's else could I asked for.

1 comment:

Lady Sophia's Lover said...

Come nightingale, tell me the word.
The mountain from which you came is blessed.
The rose burns you, my love burns me.
You are crying, I will also cry


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