Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grab them before LATE!!

RM 15 nett# - (stretchable band)
RM 15 nett# - ( tied it with a ribbon at back -fit to every girls )
RM 25 nett# - ( stretchable band)
RM 19.90 nett#
RM 12.90 nett# - ( stretchable band )
RM 25 nett#
RM 11 nett# - ( 22' inch long for around the head but the lace is "stretchable" )

These headbands are from PART 1 left over and also 2 pieces brand new headband above that I already added up in to this list together. All the headbands are limited only to 1 piece only. No restock because I only come out with 1 design each .So you better hurry up !!.If you are interested to purchase ,please email me together with the picture of headband at;-


for further info about postage price and carrier. Thank you.



tasneem najeeb said...

im sorry but as an english blogger, i think you should check your grammar before posting them online for everyone to read.

Diana Azmi said...

Thank you for your concern. Yes,i know my English is not really superb ones. I'm still learning from my mistakes.

Everyone can judges me if they want.I'm not 100% perfect.

Tasneem Najeeb said...

i am not judging you but i am advising you since u blog in english u must make sure u check all ur grammar errors and correct them before posting it online coz some ppl out there may look up to u as an idol and their english may not be good too and the worst part is they are learning english from your blog. u get what i mean? do a grammar check past tense, present tense etc b4 posting. doesnt mean if u dont know english you have the rights to post wrong english grammar. how is that helping you learn and improve? right??

Tasneem Najeeb said...

ps: right*

Diana Azmi said...

Anyway thanks for reminding me. I appreciate it so much. Well,I'll checking them out first before posting..thanks =)

Tasneem Najeeb said...

Well,I'll checking them out first before posting..thanks =)

correct grammar : Well, I'll check them out first before posting...thanks =)

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