Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Webcam-ing Addicted (PART II)-VINTAGE!

I'm so madly deeply  in love with the vintage style at this time being. Normally if you want to know ,I always wear something edgy and casual chic for everyday outfits. The colour that I choose for everyday outfit  mostly is basic colour like black,white and grey. I am kinda a simple person and  I don't like to pop out my outfit with so many colours on me. I like to keep it simple and basic.

But it's much more different right now, I felt like my style is changing to something feminine and vintage way. It goods sometimes to dress up in feminine and girlish way. At least, I can explore myself in a different style .When comes to vintage, probably you are already know that vintage is synonym with flower and pastel colour like pink,orange,brown,baby blue and etc. In these pics,I'm wearing vintage cardigan which having tassels around the bottom part of it. Guess what, I am kinda love this cardigan so much. I am looking forward to hunt some more vintage clothes in other times. Do you guys like vintage too like I am?



tehateha said...

wuuu...canteknye u...lately vintage bcome vry popular style...hey,lu ur colorful ring sweetie... =)

Diana Azmi said...

than you my dear.

you pun sweet.xoxo.

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